Since its inception in 1999, Get Africa (GAT) had many travelers who have had some unforgettable traveling here in South Africa, and many have returned for more. GAT wanted to give something back to the people who have helped to make the company a success. The choice fell on Mabibi area. This area was chosen because it is isolated from the world, and because GAT has many travelers to this area. Mabibi is a small community consisting of 2-3000 people at the unspoilt coast of Maputuland, in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

On 14 June 2010 established GAT a football team named "Mabibi Get Africa United". The team consists of young men aged 15 to 32 years. Some of the players still go to school, others work in lodges near, some use what nature has to offer and make various ornaments (it is here GAT their curves are produced) and some work with agriculture to cultivate enough to survive, while others do not have anything solid to go to. Players come and go as they move to find work and new grow up, congratulations will have a natural replacement. Therefore it is important to maintain good attitudes and culture within the team, and continue samhørightesprinsippene to the new ones added.

Home court is beautifully located on the edge of Lake Sibaya, South Africa's largest freshwater lake. Team was new target pliers and networks in December 2012, and a friendly German donated in January 2013 two sets football equipment consisting of rain jackets, shorts, socks and jerseys to 19 field players and 2 goalies and 18 footballs. The equipment will be well taken care of by the team leader so that the equipment is preserved and utilized to create joy as long as possible. Made trainer during the week and often play games with other teams in the area. GAT want to build a football team that has the necessary equipment to play football and give an upliftment of the small community that does not have as much. These are simple things like socks, lawnmower, shoes, footballs, resources teams for younger children etc. Eventually they may also get an opportunity to travel a bit further than just the immediate area to play football.

With the support of GAT, travelers customers and former travelers, as well as all others who want to help make a change, you are welcome to help us build a football team that can spread happiness, good attitudes, new opportunities and create positive experiences for community to Mabibi.


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